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The moon effects water including the ocean tides and as we humans are over 70% it effects us too.


Sync With The Cycles Of The Moon

How are we affected by the movement of the moon?

If you look at the shining white moon on a cloudless night, it might captivate you with its stunning beauty, and make you think about how we all see the same moon when we look up at the sky, no matter what phase it may be in. Did you know, however, that the moon could actually be affecting parts of your personal life, such as your everyday decisions and behaviors?

You might already know that a handful of enlightened people who use tradition farming methods plant their crops in accordance with the cycles of the moon. You might even be aware of that common urban legend that some people can act crazy during a full moon. Police records suggest that there’s actually some truth to this legend, however, and that there may indeed be more chaos and even crime during a full moon night. After all, even the word “lunatic” has its roots in “luna,” the word “moon” in Latin.

The effects of the full moon aren’t just limited to the crazy people either; plenty of regular, everyday people can feel strange during these nights, like an extra, nervous energy is running through them and many may find it difficult to sleep. Some nursing homes have reported that the moon cycles effect their patients and that during a full moon the activity level of the patients increases, causing some to act differently than they would any other time of the month. It’s not all bad, though.

Many doctors anecdotally claim that more women give birth during a full moon night, and some people believe that a full moon can help make romance happen. Some people believe in mapping out a month by planning good fortune in advance, and use spells to strengthen their intention and this is generally carried out during a full moon as this is when the power of source energy is at its peek.

All beings on this planet, be they human, animal or plant, are affected by the waxing and waning of the moon

In spite of the fact that there is little scientific evidence to support this idea, many people believe that the full moon energy affects the behaviors of others in a positive or negative way, as they have experienced it first hand either with them self or with a loved one. Perhaps this is due to a consistent everyday experience that contradicts this science.

In fact, it is not only the full phase of the moon that can affect people’s thought processes and energy, but rather all phases have their own particular effects.

Sync your vibration with the moon

In this past week, I’ve had a sudden desire to look through all my stuff and get it organized, to reflect on my life, to zoom out and take a bird’s eye view of what I have been doing lately and where I am in relation to my goals in life. It has been a long time since I’ve done this, even though I had really needed to lately, and finally I seemed to get the motivation to do it out of nowhere. Suddenly, I realized that this motivation made total sense: the moon was w

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As the moon hovers close to Day 28 in its monthly cycle, it begins to grow dimmer and smaller from our perspective, and as such, it begins to lose its energy. Old-school farmers use this time to do maintenance activities such as pruning branches or weeding.

When it comes to everyday modern people, this time in the month can serve as a time to reflect, to examine our progress during the last 28 days, and to evaluate and interpret what we’ve been experiencing.

As the moon gets ever closer to turning black in the sky, you may notice that you become a bit more lethargic than usual, and that you might need to recharge with extra rest. In our modern fast-paced world, however, most of the time lethargy is seen as a negative thing, of course.

We might feel frustrated with ourselves and push ourselves to continue with our usual level of activity anyway, even as we feel extra tired. If you ever notice this happening again, make note of what phase the moon is in.

Of course, you can feel stressed and tired for many reasons that have nothing to do with the moon, but if you suspect that it is largely a cyclical thing, it can often help a lot to simply give in to these natural forces.

Back in olden times, before artificial lighting that could keep us washed in photons all night, the effects of the moon on human beings was much more noticeable because we were much more sensitive to the changes in light. In fact, our nature’s were so entangled with the cycle of the moon, that women tended to have their period at around the same time of the month, during the moon’s dark phase.

Because of this, things were much more predictable in that regard, and often all the women would get together and leave their men with all the responsibilities for a few days. It would probably be a better world if we hadn’t lost that custom!

Unfortunately, most of us don’t give women these breaks anymore. After all, it probably wouldn’t go over very well if we stepped out on our family and work colleagues once a month for a few days. And besides, many women nowadays don’t even have a cycle anymore, thanks to birth control and menopause.

Either way, it’s still useful to keep an eye on the moon and its cycles, and it take it into consideration when we plan our projects or social gatherings, as well as when we plan on strategies to reach our future goals.

The moon’s phases

The different phases of the moon can be split into a few basic categories: a dark moon, a crescent moon, a waxing moon, a full moon, and a waning moon. It’s called a “dark new moon” when it is pretty much completely invisible, and days like these are good for tying up loose ends and dealing with the preparation phase of new projects. It is normal on nights like these to feel less energetic, so it’s the perfect time to reflect and organize in anticipation of what you will do for this next cycle.

The “new crescent moon” that follows induces feelings of growth and newness. It is fresh and interesting and symbolizes a new beginning. You might want to trim your hair during this phase if you’ve been trying to grow it out lately. This is also the best time to start a new, healthy habit, like a new diet or exercise routine.

Take the time to write down what you are looking forward to in this next cycle. If you are a gardener, it is a good time to plant. In a more metaphorical sense, this is a good time to “plant” the seeds of your latest project. Every night, the moon will grow a bit bigger and a bit brighter, and as the moon grows it is called a “waxing moon.”

During this period, you might find that your energy starts to rise towards its peak. A lot of people say that their focus is high during this time, and that it is easy for them to stay on task without too many distractions. Similar to the new crescent moon, as the moon waxes, you will find that your energy is directed more towards building and creating, and moving full-speed towards your goals. When half of the waxing phase has passed, you will get a “half full moon.”

This is where many turning points exist, where monumental changes in energy can happen. Then, once the moon becomes “full,” energy is at its height and unpredictable things can start to happen. The moment the full moon rises into the sky is the moment that the sun sets in the west. During a full moon is the perfect time to do all of your heavy socializing, and if you are in sales, you may find that your business does best during this time.

Creative ability is at its highest during this point, and energy has reached its peak, even to the point of chaos. When the full moon has reached its height, it will start to grow smaller and dimmer once again. This shrinking is called a “waning moon.” Just as already mentioned, this is a time that’s best spent completing what you started earlier in the month and tying up loose ends. Mind the final details of your projects, and don’t let them escape you.

This is also a good time to do a little bit of cleaning in your house; overall, it’s a good time to finish with things and let go of what you don’t need. During the waning moon, you might also want to perform a cleanse or another similar diet. This is a time of purification and your body may be more apt to embrace the cleanse.

The moon will show you the way

Are you the kind of person who is interested in self-improvement and spiritual growth? If so, you’re probably aware of the idea of being “in the moment,” and learning to lose the obsession with having to DO something, and figuring out how to simply be. After all, we are human beings, even if simply existing is not celebrated in industrialized nations today unless we are also doing something. Nobody goes around raving about how they sat around all day and simply existed.

Doing nothing comes off as lazy, and nobody wants to be seen that way. Nowadays, even when you “slack off” on your vacation, it’s only after qualifying yourself and using the fact that you’ve worked hard in the past as an excuse to finally find simple enjoyment.

It is true that while plenty of people understand, or think that they understand, the importance of simple existence on the surface, and they may even preach the virtues of “being present,” it’s still hard for most of us to not feel guilty when we’re not being immediately productive. Does this sound like you?

If so, you might want to use the waning of the moon as your personal excuse to rest. It’s the natural order of things. Use the moon as your guide and follow its cycles with your intuition as your energy levels wax and wane with its presence. Reduce your work load a bit, and take that extra time to reflect on your life, to come to new understandings, and to re-energize so that you can come back more strongly than before as the moon’s light starts to increase again.

A great way to feel more in sync with the natural processes of life is to allow your activities to mirror the cycle of the moon.

These are natural rhythms of life that will help you feel more grounded and effective. You can use the phases of the moon as a guide to your schedule, and it can also help you understand some things that may have otherwise seemed to be a mystery, like your waxing and waning energy levels throughout the month.

Of course, keep in mind that you should not let these guidelines be your master. The moon is making suggestions to you, not commands.

Feel free to do whatever works, and use the phases of the moon in your scheduling if you find that it helps. Whatever you do, don’t stress about it. The point of keeping the moon’s phases in mind is to introduce some predictability and reduce your feelings of stress and overwhelm, not to add to it!

For example, you may have your own organic garden, and may love to plant your seeds and harvest your vegetables in accordance with the cycles of the moon. However, if your schedule just can’t accommodate this, don’t worry about it!

Life isn’t meant to be exactly perfect, it just has to work. So do what works for you.


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