Ocean Magick Total Bliss

This is Ocean Magick’s deluxe package which includes a little of all my other services. This package is perfect as a special gift for a loved one, or for somebody who needs some serious time out!

Take time out for yourself and enjoy relaxation!


Here is what is included in the Magick Bliss Package

On arrival you will be seated down to a lovely drink and your pamper session begins…

   A Card Layout – A brief layout – cards will be chosen to use in the session

Crystals will be chosen and used for the session in addition to my normal crystal layout.

Essential Oils – Pure essential oils will be chosen to be used throughout the session to be used in a diffuser, a spritzer spray bottle, on your eye mask.

Cystal Reiki treatment.  I scan your aura briefly and the healing begins – the use of crystals.

Healing Bath Ritual  – Relax in a mineral spa

Some baths work through osmosis (some molecules are taken up through your skin) and others by inhaling the healing aromas of oils that I anoint you with.  Lay back and release that which no longer serves you….a bathing ritual to release negative energies. Candles are lit and I sound the clear quartz crystal bowl. Clear Quartz crystal music holds the vibration of white light. It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness. With some relaxation music, so you can drift away and forget about the outside world. Allow at least 30mins for this. (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT ALWAYS AVAIL)
*Mini Crystal Facial – Enjoy a unique relaxing crystal facial, freely rotating crystals with natural oil. Allow yourself total relaxation whilst crystals are activating.
*A Hand Massage – As our hands are often ignored, I will apply some hand made natural scrubs to gently exfoliate any dead skin. After I wash off the scrub, I will apply some beautiful natural massage cream and commence your luxurious energy hand massage whilst crystals are activating.  

*Holistic Guidance – A brief chat and I will also suggest some self care techniques and crystals which will assist in your spiritual healing journey.  At the end of your session, we will discuss your goals and determine whether booking another session with me is best or if an other practitioner would be best suited for your personal situation and assist you on your path.

Add to your experience with a V-steam 

V-Steams have been used in ancient medicine for centuries. Please check out this article for more information.









spiritual services

Your monetary exchange of energy for my time spent helping you on your spiritual journey is graciously received with much love and appreciation!



Ocean Magick is located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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I look forward to spending some time connecting with you. 

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