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Experience the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual…dimensions – shift and release that which no longer serves you..




Healings and Massage



This one of a kind energy massage includes the following:


Aloha….This is much more than just a massage. Free your mind, let me take you on a journey, receive long flowing strokes, natural oil, gentle stretches, combination of soft and deep tissue. This massage is one of the best healing arts… Feel nurtured in my safe space. Experience out of this world bliss…The heart of Lomi Lomi is love.

Removing lactic acid
Improving blood circulation
Releasing toxins
Stimulating the lymphatic system
Reducing anxiety
Increasing nutrient flow to muscles
Reducing tension
Boosting your immune system


crystal2We are increasingly seeking alternative therapies for their health concerns. Maybe side effects and high cost of medicines are just a couple of reasons for a shift in thinking today. Since the body is a natural and miraculous healer if given the right situation, one of the main aims and greatest benefits of Reiki is its ability to promote relaxation in a person, which helps put them in the vibration and head space to receive the maximum benefits of the healing. By balancing the spiritual energy that flows through the body, Reiki can help bring peace of mind and well being back into the person’s life, which will help promote healing and long-term health and happiness which is our natural state of being.


My sessions start with a brief discussion and I’ll get to know you a little more so I can learn about your current state, events and what you’re going through right now which is causing life to become uncomfortable at times. I offer a card layout, crystals will be chosen, an aura cleanse, chakra balance, beautiful oils and relaxing music to drift off and experience my hands on Reiki and intuitive touch, a mini crystal facial if you desire and your session will end with some guidance.

Everyone’s experience will be slightly different, of course. Even the physical sensations can differ from person to person. Some people say they feel a healing warmth running through their body, and other people say it feels tingly.
You might even find that your body will respond with involuntary movements, reflexes or outburst.

You will have plenty of time to ask questions about the session and maybe talk about the insights. We can discuss the crystals used after the treatment and take home a few if you’d like. I will be more than happy to tell you about them or even make a recommendation about what sorts of stones might help you in your everyday life.

This session is great if you are feeling a little unbalanced and stressed.
$150 – 90mins



History & Crystals ...

Few people realise that crystals have a long history as tools of holistic healing. Every kind of crystal is different in composition, which results in a different resonance frequency in its vibration.

These vibrations at these specific frequencies are what some people believe give the crystals their power to heal. Use of the crystals in an educated and well-informed manner can help bring a stable equilibrium to the organs and processes of the body, and can help bolster the body’s ability to repair itself as well.

Royalty exchanging beautiful crystal jewellery in ancient Egypt. The use of crystals is nothing new; people have been using them for crystal1both their physical healing powers and for their spiritual value for thousands of years. References to crystals can be found in a number of sacred texts.

Ancient cultures such as those of the Egyptians and many Native North and Central American societies found use in crystals for religious reasons. Even Australian aborigines used the crystals for special ceremonies

Recently, people have awoken to the power of crystals once again. The receiving of crystal massages or healing sessions and the wearing of crystal necklaces have become more and more popular.

Because every crystal has a different frequency of vibration, it is ideal to choose a crystal that will match your own person vibrational frequency. When this happens, you’re more likely to experience amazingly positive changes to both your physical and mental self. Crystals can open the door that normally locks you away from resonating with your higher self, and once that door is opened, you can gain insight and wisdom that would have been difficult to attain otherwise.

Of course, crystals are physically beautiful to the eye, so it’s not surprising that they are becoming a common ornament or accessory nowadays. They have been worn in this way as well for thousands of years; many ancient cultures carried them both as ornaments and symbols, and for their healing power. In modern times, they are even used in our beloved electronics.

How is it, though, that crystals help us? How do they change the physical state of our bodies? In spite of skepticism, many people are simply interested in them due to their aesthetic value. For centuries, crystals have been an important part of many cultures in the ancient world, as charms for good luck and protection, as attractive accessories, tools for holistic medicine, among many other things.

Crystals have the ability to put the body back into a state of homeostasis, where all processes are at the ideal equilibrium. In this way, crystals heal indirectly, by boosting the body’s ability to manage itself.

From the beginning of time, human beings have used myth and magic to explain the processes of the universe. Just as the ancients did, you can use the healing power of crystals to your advantage.


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Your monetary exchange of energy for my time spent helping you on your journey is graciously received with much love and appreciation!



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