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Royalty exchanging beautiful crystal jewelry in ancient egypt If you have a desire to learn about the ancient art of Tantra and not just Tantra but to help people with their sexuality, to get more out of their life. If you are wanting a very rewarding well paid career, to start your own business….. Id love to hear from you and for the right applicants train you to be one of the best.

I believe there needs to be more ladies even men doing what I am doing and I now willing to pass on all my knowledge to the right applicants. Yes I’m certified and yes I have plenty of certificates but also more importantly I have literally decades of experience and offer my training with love, professionalism, and experience. I absolutely love my work and how things evolved and so much so that the word ‘work’….can put a bad taste in your mouth as when truly loving what you do…it just does not seem like work…its more a pleasure, its fan fricking fantastic to be able to do what I do and help people change their lives. These days I’m left with so much energy as I do a lot more energy work especially sexual energy work however in saying that I am hands on and there is only so many hours in the week and Id really love to be able to recommend another and train them up to standard.

I train women to learn the art of Tantra in my courses however the fusion of styles over the years has lead me to offering sexuality coaching too. Here is my coaching website you may find this intriguingly juicy and if this is something you are interested in please contact me. My passion is to help people get more out of their lives and live a more fulfilling sexual life and so f you have a genuine desire to make a difference in this world Id love to hear from you.

More Details About The Training:

This is a career and not a quick workshop. This is for ladies who want to be a Tantra Practitioner and Sex Coach and so I can pass down all my decades of experience and who can keep the reputation…I’m wanting to hand down and teach you everything!

The training is provided one on one, many modules and many many hours of training and so not to overwhelm you. Lets firstly have a chat about whether this is right for you or not….I offer free Discovery Sessions, just provide me with your number and the best time to call and Ill be in touch to see if this is suitable for you and me.

I’m presently looking for just two more ladies to train. 

Rebel 🙂



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