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This one of a kind massage not goal orientated, nor a traditional rub and release it is however so much more than that…..such a slow Tantric magical massage to learn, no pressure to perform and an erotic learning experience. This is a tantric fusion style massage to learn…more about your body, discover things you may have never known, learn ways to extend your pleasure, increase sensations and learn how to be a much better lover.
Are you dissatisfied with your sex life? Learn new techniques in multiple new and exciting ways…let me take you on a journey, to ride the waves of pleasure so to teach you how to not only last longer but better still to experience heightened states to get the most out of your body, feeling energised with sexual energy racing throughout your whole body not just your genitals.
Let me guide you how to fully relax and stop the mind chatter. These lessons will help you realise you can re-train your body, get more out of your whole body and through practice learn to access more pleasure and allow you to have more profound sexual experiences with your lover. 
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a rub and release but rather a learn experience


Relax, surrender and experience things on a whole new level! I love to teach tantra techniques and sensual massage to couples… I believe it assists in keeping relationships together, with reconnecting again but on a much more deeper level. Learn the ancient ways…

LEARN SENSUAL SACRED MASSAGE – This service is for you and your lover to learn to give and receive sensual sacred massages. Explore each others bodies with my hands on guidance. Learn about Yoni massage and Lingam massages. End the session with a magnesium spa if you wish.
LEARN TANTRA – This service is for the more spiritually minded who would love to learn more about Tantra. Sessions involve rituals, communication, breathwork and tantric massages. I will guide you both through many things….connection, heart opening, rituals, breath work, bodywork, tantric massages and arousal energy so you both can learn more about heightened pleasures and different types of orgasm.


I tailor make packages to suit your situation – whether you have a minimal time or want to spoil each other and have an entire weekend, With decades of experience…let me create something that will suit the both of you. Whether it is getting away just for an evening with your partner or getting away for a whole weekend of erotic pleasures and delights.

Let me help both of you get in the mood, spice things up. With my unique approach to things, I will spend time training and guiding you both and getting you prepared for your night of passion.
WEEKEND AWAY: Why not take time out to give the relationship a real go….let me take care of organising everything from the location, accommodation, treatments, grooming and of course plenty of hours helping getting your sexy back!!

Please contact me so I can tailor make something for you to suit both of you and your budget.

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