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My tantric and erotic massage techniques are based on the classic ideas from the Tantra tradition, as these ancient spiritual practices give a much more holistic picture of human sexuality than the common Western beliefs and practices. 

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Tantra was a spiritual practice in India, but nowadays the practice can be used for practical reasons and doesn’t require any particular set of spiritual beliefs. Anyone can use tantra to improve their entire life to have more energy, feel more connected, healthier, happier and experience a much more fulfilling life.

My tantric techniques that I use are based on the classic ideas from the Tantra tradition because these ancient spiritual practices give a much more holistic picture of human sexuality than the common Western beliefs. Instead of sex being viewed simply as a physical practice, it is a spiritual, mental, and emotional one as well. Because of this, it can serve to enhance personal relationships all the better.

Learn how to access heightened state of erotic energy for yourself or for you and your partner!

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Learn Tantra

Taken over 3 sessions – contact me so I can tailor make something extra special just for you – xx

Three-day Fusion Tantra Course in Brisbane

This 3 day course has been formulated for you to accelerate and improve your life to achieve your goals, deepen relationships, and learn to reconnect. In this course we will help you fast tract your success in all areas of life especially your connection to love and relationships.

Fusion Tantra

Through bodywork sessions we learn what blocks, resistances that are holding you back. Through a fusion of styles, including energy work, Tantric rituals, Sacred Tantra techniques you will learn to open up and enjoy again.

In just three days from 10am til 5pm you will be given the skills you need to get yourself back on track, and start connecting again. Whether you’re looking to feel more, find your ideal partner, or reconnect with your partner again, we’ll give you the skills you require to succeed.

The 3 Day Fusion Tantra Course was put together by modelling techniques of NLP, Bodywork, Energy work, Tantra, and many other fusions of styles, the programme is fast tracked leaving out all the fluffy stuff to give forward momentum to you and your relationships.

More about the course

Over the 3 day workshop we will be showing you techniques and methods for achieving happiness, love, freedom and all other riches life has to offer. Group workshops and one on one sessions throughout the 3 days. You will be able to change, grow and succeed in your relationships, personal and professional life like never before. The 3 days away enables you to be fully focused on just you. As we live in a very heady world we are always up in our minds, shallow breathing, so much mind chatter, worrying about everyone else…to learn to switch off and fully get back into your body, is where the magick begins.

RELEASE your past…
This is one of the process we work through that enables you to identify and eliminate everything that’s holding you back in life. By releasing the baggage of your past you can learn to enjoy peace of mind, and a life filled with happiness – in other words you can START TO BECOME THE AUTHENTIC YOU AND LIVE A LOVING LIFE.

What will you achieve?

Valuable skills you learn include how to……

  • Get back in touch with your body and feel confident
  • Stop negative emotions that keep you from connecting
  • Releasing and unblocking negative emotions
  • Dissolve fears
  • Eliminate the destructive power of guilt and shame
  • Learn to listen to your body
  • Motivate yourself and get back your passion for living
  • Propel and launch yourself
  • Feel connected again
  • How to open up to touch and receive touch
  • Learn Sacred Massage
  • Learn Tantra Rituals
  • Experience heightened states of pleasure


Enrol now and take your life to a whole new level of excellence: Contact me to find out more.

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Ocean Magick is located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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